Local Authority Claims (Trip and Fall Cases)

“Our team have dealt with all aspects of personal injuries claims as against local authorities and privately run business’ to include Personal Injuries actions arising out of inadequate, poor and dangerous public areas such as uneven footpaths, broken paving slabs and road surfaces which cause injuries.”

Slips, trips and falls in public places are common place and leave many people with injuries. A wet or slippery floor in shops or other public places can all cause slips, trips and falls and can cause serious harm.

Those responsible for public areas have a duty of care to protect people from injury. Employers have to follow health and safety guidelines to prevent accidents, including tripping over wires or slipping on spills. The same applies to councils, restaurant owners, office managers and shop owners.

We will endeavour to have our consulting engineers inspect the accident locus and provide advices in a prompt fashion.

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