Mother and Baby Home Redress Scheme

The devastation of Mother and Baby Homes came to light in January 2021 with final reports detailing shocking conditions, abuse and infant mortality.

The report contains a number of recommendations including a financial plan to compensate survivors.

For many, the next step will be to seek legal advice for details of compensation entitlements.

The expected plan will be similar to the Residential Institutions Compensation plan and the Magdalene Laundries plan.

A consultation period for development of the proposed plan is now open for submissions.

The findings will be recorded and sent in a report to the Interdepartmental Group, who will develop proposals for the compensation plan for Government consideration.

We are monitoring the development of the compensation plan and expected dates of implementation.

We at Martin A. Harvey & Co.Solicitors have specialised expertise with these situations and have dedicated legal staff on hand to advise survivors who may be entitled to apply for compensation under the new plan.

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